Sand Cay or Son Ca Island

Sand Cay or Son Ca Island (TagalogBailanChinese: 敦谦沙洲; pinyinDunqian Shazhou;VietnameseĐảo Sơn Ca) is an island in the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. With an area of 7 hectares, it is the ninth largest Spratly island and the fourth largest among Vietnamese-occupied Spratly islands. It lies 6 miles (10 km) to the east of Taiwan-occupied Itu Aba Island. Between Sandy Cay and Itu Aba Island is another Taiwanese-occupied feature, Ban Than Reef. It is covered with trees and bushes. Fringing reef is partly above water at low tide. This feature is commonly confused with Sandy Cay, a sandy shoal near Thitu Island. This island, occupied by Vietnam since 1974, is also being claimed by ChinaTaiwan and the Philippines. It is part of Tizard Banks.

Island patrol

Talk to Soldier Sand Cay Island

Children heard stories Sand Cay Island

Love Couples

A group of soldiers serving

Island lighthouses


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